Hi. We are Award Baking International (ABI) and we strive to protect and preserve.

Oblaten has a proud Czech heritage (learn more about what Oblaten is here). Our company was founded around 1949 when it took root in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. In 2001, Award Baking International moved operations to New Germany, Minnesota and has been there ever since.

We strive to be a green, energy neutral company providing a piece of delicious Czech heritage for lovers of crispy, delicate sweet treats all over the globe.

The Oblaten Shop sign
Making Oblaten Czech dessert

Our Customer Service Team

Award Baking International is owned by Ian and Kathy McDonald. Their amazing staff of bakers and office professionals work together to provide you with the best Oblaten in the world!

Ways To Eat Oblaten

Find some tasty ways to eat and serve Oblaten. Great for adults and kids.


Watch customer videos and read what customers have to say about Oblaten.

Get answers to your
questions about Oblaten.

Award Baking International has indefinitely suspended operations. We are not accepting orders until further notice.
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