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A Delicious Czech Treat

Original Carlsbad Oblaten offers a delicious, low-calorie oblaten wafer that celebrates its original Czech heritage and satisfies the sweet tooth.

Oblaten wafer Wheel

Low Calorie ~ High Quality ~ All Natural

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A unique, healthy, low-calorie dessert to be shared with your friends and family in your home. Allow yourself to indulge in


Austrian wafer with natural ingredients

About Oblaten

German wafer a healthy snack

Using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients available, we create the perfect combination of wheat flour, crushed almonds, whole milk, powdered sugar, egg yolks, unsalted butter, natural flavors... and nothing more! No preservatives are used or needed to keep these delightful wafers crisp and fresh for months.

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Creating Oblaten For Over 200 Years!

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We provide a unique, delicious, low-calorie dessert to be shared amongst your friends and family in your home. Oblaten is a Czech snack that can be described as a wafer, cookie, dessert, snack (PS - it's delicious!)! Oblaten is an exceptionally long tradition and we pride ourselves in having a part since 1787 (for more than 200 years!) We continue to listen to our customers as they request new flavors.

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