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Award Baking International Production

The photos to the right and below show some of the interesting and uncommon pieces of equipment we utilize in creating our unique oblaten dessert wafers. Also shown are several of our valuable employees who make it all happen. Our German-made "bakers" utilize waffle-like irons to bake our oblaten batter to a specific temperature. Our sprinkler adds the mixture of powdered sugar, crushed almonds, vanilla, and flavoring to the oblaten, and the fuser applies just enough heat to fuse two oblaten wafers with the confection.

All Award Baking products are baked and packaged by hand, allowing that "home-made" quality to come through in all our work. Even our "mascot" sign reminds us each day that no matter how many customers we serve throughout our country and parts of the world, we still think of ourselves as the "Oblaten Shop" down the street. Now you can enjoy the results of our efforts by ordering from your "Oblaten Shop down the street".

Also, you may now view our segment of the "Food Finds Show" that continues to air periodically on the Fine Living Channel. Click below for a 5 minute video of Original Carlsbad Oblaten's manufacturing process, and history told by the former owner and her daughter.


You may also be interested in viewing a feature done on our Original Carlsbad Oblaten product by a locally famous human interest reporter.

Click the play button below, and enjoy some history.


This video feautures our former sales manager doing a great job of explaining what our products are to newcomers at our booth during a recent national Food Show.