The Stocking Stuffer Solution-- The Sampler Set image This group of six 1 oz. Original Carlsbad Oblaten® packages is the perfect answer for many gift-giving situations. Separate it for six elegant gifts for those teachers and associates on your list. Or, keep it together for a flavor variety to give to the boss, favorite employee, or hard-to-buy-for family member. This is a great way to sample our variety of flavors including Strawberry, one of our BRAND NEW flavors! Price is $16.95 Click here to order now

The Tower of Cookies-- The Original Carlsbad Oblaten® Tower of Cookies is an elegant gift choice consisting of one large 12.75 oz. tin, one 6.75 oz tin and a group of six 1 oz. Oblaten packs. It is an excellent choice to bring to the family dinner with all the flavors to share. You can open one tin for the football game and keep another tin on the buffet table. Price is $58.95 Click here to order now

For the Teacher-- This is a group of three 1 oz. packs that are shrink-wrapped together. It is a great variety pack for a teacher or co-worker, or you can separate it into individual presents. Price is $8.49 Click here to order now

One to Give and One to Keep-- This unique gift includes a 4.25 oz. package of the Vanilla Almond Oblaten paired with a 1 oz. pack of the Chocolate Oblaten. It is the perfect way to give a gift and keep something for yourself. Price is $12.95 Click here to order now

For a limited time only, while supllies last, we are offering you an opportunity at no additional cost to request any 4.25 or 6.75 Oblaten flavor be shipped to you with either a red or green paper bow (see sample photos below). Orders must be filled on a first come-first served basis as we are unable to order additional bows beyond our current stock level. sampler


IMPORTANT---When placing your holiday order with any bows, you MUST specify your color preference by typing either "Green bow" or Red bow" in the special shipping instructions box. We'll do our best to accommodate your request, however, we will make color a secondary priority to getting you product with bows.

Award Baking International is excited to announce two new Original Carlsbad Obalten® flavors of Strawberry and Green Tea have now been added to the family. The freshness of the strawberry will help you imagine springtime. The Green Tea oblaten is made with real green tea and is a healthy treat for everyone. Also, the Green Tea is made without almonds, for an allergy-free alternative. Currently, these new flavors are available in the 1 oz. and 4.25 oz. packages, and tin refills.

Oblaten 1 oz Shipper

Due to popular demand from our health-conscience and diabetic customers, we have added our 48-count 1 oz. triangular single-serve boxes of Oblaten to our web-based order menu. Previously available in stores only, these individual boxes (pictured cardboard tray not included) carry easily in a lunch box, bag, purse, or briefcase for a healthier, great-tasting snack or dessert alternative! TRY OUR LATEST NEW FLAVORS OF STRAWBERRY AND GREEN TEA!!! Green tea is flavored AND COLORED with pure, natural Green Tea and is completely allergy free; no almonds are used in this flavor only.

We have also added a smaller tin size of our Chocolate Half-Dipped Tin. This creates a lower price point alternative to our large tin for those with smaller families. But be careful; they do disappear quickly!New flavors of Biscottini, due to popular demand (see customers, we DO take your suggestions seriously): Raspberry, Raspberry/Orange, and both with Fudge....YUMMY!!

AND, due to popular demand, we are making available our Holiday Biscottini flavor, year around,...PUMPKIN SPICE is now CINNAMON & SPICE!! A pumpkin pie in a cookie! Super for Holiday parties.

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The Sampler


This wonderful collection of single serving packages will have your valentine enjoying the flavors of the Original(Vanilla-Almond), the new Strawberry, and just for Valentine's Day, Chocolate Dipped Oblaten. Each sampler comes with two packages of each flavor for just $17.95. Think of it as a gift that keeps giving! Click here to order now

The Valentine's Basket

Valentines Basket

Beautifully arranged in a basket is a bag of Kenny B's Biscottini® Raspberry with Fudge, and another bag of Vanilla with Fudge. In addition, you will find 6 single-serving sizes of the Original Carlsbad Oblaten®. There are two of the Original (Vanilla-Almond), two of the new Strawberry, and two of the Chocolate Dipped Oblaten. This lovely assortment will appeal to the dessert lover in all of us for just $29.50. Click here to order now

An Oblaten Valentine's Day

Oblaten Valentines

When you want to express extra love, pick the Oblaten Valentine's Day package. It includes a small tin of Chocolate Dipped Oblaten, and a tin of the 3-flavor sampler assortment. In addition, you recieve 6 single-serve Oblaten packages consisting of two of the new Strawberry, two of the Original (Vanilla-Almomnd), and two of the ever-favorite Chocolate. This Oblaten experience is perfect for the person who loves the finer things in life for only $69.95. Click here to order now


our premimum offering


The European Holiday Basket

This lovely basket includes two bags of Kenny B®s Biscottini plus two 6.75 oz. tins of the Original Carlsbad Oblaten®, plus three 1 oz. Oblaten wedges. This variety provides a wonderful flavor, size, and cookie assortment for the most discriminating palette. It is a beautiful and elegant gift with no wrapping required. Price is $63.95 Click here to order now