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Kenny B's Biscottini
How to Eat

10 Ways to Eat Biscottini

  1. Have some Biscottini right out of the bag as a delicious treat
  2. Serve Biscottini with flavorful coffee
  3. Try Cinnamon & Spice Biscottini with Apple Cider
  4. Have Amaretto Biscottini with an iced coffee
  5. Enjoy Anise Biscottini with Spumoni ice cream
  6. Serve the Orange with Fudge Biscottini with hot tea
  7. Open a bottle of white wine with Lemon Biscottini
  8. Serve a robust red wine with Raspberry/Orange Biscottini
  9. Have a bowl of Biscottini on the table during family game night
  10. Enjoy a different one of the eight flavors every month of the year and then have your favorite in December